September 7, 2014

Kim Chiu and Xian Lim on the 8th Star Magic Ball

My newsfeed is full of photos, articles and videos about the Star Magic's annual event - The Star Magic Ball (now on its 8th year). There were many posts about the Best Dressed Women and Men of the Night, the Celebrities with the Worst Dresses, Candid shots of the premier actors and actresses in the country and many more. In this blog post, I'm going to share two of my favorite top photos. 

Kim Chiu looks stunning on her gown.

Image from: Star Magic (

July 26, 2014

What To Wear for Homecoming Parties

There are many events that come into the lives of different people all over the world. The most common social event for teenagers is the Prom Night which is usually celebrated every February of the year. During prom, ladies shop for the best dresses and shoes to create a good impression to their dates. On the other hand, the boys also get the best suits available in designer stores to make their partners happy.

Another event which people look forward to is the homecoming. Unlike the prom night, this event is no longer for the young at heart. Homecoming parties are organized to gather alumni and alumnae of a particular school. During this kind of event, both men and women still work hard to impress their old classmates and schoolmates.

If you are planning to attend a homecoming event anytime soon, I recommend that you check this collection:

July 21, 2014

Teaser: Style Origin 2014

These are some of the photos I took during the latest fashion show event in Davao city - Style Origins 2014 organized by Abreeza Ayala Mall. 

This is just a teaser post. I will be publishing my official post for this event soon.

June 15, 2014

June Weddings: Top Dresses and Shoes for Brides

June is the month of weddings. Many ladies want to walk down the aisle on this month. In some research, it has been shown that majority of women wishes to become June brides. It has been said that this belief began in the Roman times. The Romans celebrated a festival in honor of the deity Juno, wife of Jupiter and goddess of marriage and childbirth, on the first day of June. June also followed May, the month of the “unhappy dead” for the Romans, so not an auspicious month to marry.

Since this month is all about weddings (for most women out there), allow me to share some Dresswe 2014 cheap beach wedding dresses online ( and Dresswe cheap women wedding shoes hot sales ( These are some of the weddings shoes that are absolutely pretty:

May 26, 2014

‘Hearts and Arrows’ opens at SM City Davao

Cut to ideal proportions with superior optical symmetry and a specific faceting pattern, Hearts and Arrows is a visual phenomenon that appears in the finest round of diamonds when viewed thru a special gemscope.

Diamonds cut with precisely aligned and carefully shaped facets with exact proportions produce this incredibly scintillating sight. A Hearts & Arrows diamond is the ultimate and the most brilliant diamond in the world.

May 4, 2014

2014 Wedding Dresses from DressWe

If there is one thing that I noticed in my newsfeed for the past few months, it is the fact that many people are getting engaged or getting married. Most of my friends have posted their pre-nuptial photos, wedding plans and other stuff related to their "big day." Some of them are also sharing their proposal stories and engagement party plans. Undoubtedly, 2014 is is a year full of love because a great people have decided to finally "tie the knots." 

This is the number one reason why I am inspired to check out beautiful wedding stories in different magazines. I have also read articles discussing the basics when it comes to planning a wedding and entering a marriage. I also came across online shops which showcase great wedding dresses not only for the brides but also for the bride's maids and maids of honor. My most favorite was this collection: Dresswe 2014 wedding dresses Here are some of their elegant and sophisticated gown:

April 30, 2014

Romwe's Hottest & Biggest Flash Sale (May 2014)

To celebrate the successful of Romwe indie designs in 2013, the said online shop will launch ROMWE Hottest & Biggest flash sale from May 2nd to 4th in 2014. The original price of these 653 indie design clothes is about $30 but they will be sold for only $9.99 during the flash sale!

The lowest price ever! Free shipping! 3 days only. 


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